Finding Joy in The Little Things

Some days seem filled to the brim with forced smiles, strained small talk and robotic movements. You know what I mean… the days you DO because you know you have to. The days you abruptly force yourself awake and get out of bed because you know little people are depending you. The days that you make breakfast because if you don’t, everyone in your house will get hangry as fast as you can count to twenty. The days you struggle at work, as you listen to Negative Nancy vent about her latest breakup, because all you want is to be at home. The days when lots of small things trip you up even though they aren’t really a huge deal… like the tiny jelly stain your son got on his shirt in the car on the way to school, or the realization that you’re out of milk when you’re halfway through cooking Hamburger Helper. But you push through the day because… well, that’s just what you do. Being a mom, a wife, an employee, a nurse, a scheduler, a secretary, a chauffeur, a magician, a chef and whatever else you are in one day is demanding. How do you push through days like this? When all you really want to do is drink a glass of wine while absorbing your conscious in a good book. It isn’t really because you have to at all. No one is forcing you.

How do you push through when you feel like you’re simply going through the motions. Eat, sleep, repeat. Eat, sleep, repeat. How do you find something outside the mundane day-to-day aspects that have seemingly become your demise?

For me, it’s the small things. On days that I am struggling to keep my life together, it is especially important for me to remember to make a conscious effort to look for them. The thing that ups my vibe and soothes my soul often seems to find me. But sometimes, I am left creating my own small perks that bring me joy.

Yesterday, that small thing to brighten my day was nothing more than a ceramic cookie jar. Yes, a cookie jar! My girl, Natalie, found it for me at a thrift store for one dollar! I have never owned my own cookie jar. I didn’t even know I wanted one until I seen Natalie’s cookie jar strategically placed on her kitchen counter. Cookie jars are nostalgic to me and my particular vintage-chic cookie jar was a ray of sunlight beaming on my day. It’s the little things!!

The “thing” can be anything that carries personal significance, such as a compliment, a treasure found at Goodwill, a song on the radio, or even a smile from someone. It could be anything really. The other day, the thing was my five-year old son gently rubbing my cheek as he drifted off to sleep by my side. I knew as soon as it happened that it was my perk that day– the light shining in the darkness.

I’m not saying every day is bad. But, we all know life isn’t always rainbows and butterflies. The key is knowing how to find joy in the small things each day. Take the time to polish your nails or soak in a hot bubble bath if that brings you those warm fuzzy feelings. Allow yourself to find joy in these simple pleasures. When your kid says, “You’re the best” or your mom tells you she is proud of you, bask in the joy that can bring you!

A simple cookie jar is all it takes sometimes!

3 thoughts on “Finding Joy in The Little Things

    • Thank you!! I love that! I get a spark of joy sometimes scrolling through Pinterest! There is so much good info and pretty things to look at! It makes me smile!


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